NYC Best Uber Promo Code 2018

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NYC Best Uber Promo Code 2018 Are you looking for the nyc best uber promo code 2018? This code only applies for new riders. If you already are an Uber user, simply create a new account in order for this code to work. Below are the instructions incase you are not familiar with Uber: Step 1: Open the Uber App Step 2: Click on the upper left corner Step 3: Click on Promotions Step 4: Click on Add Code Step 5: Where it says Enter Promo Code, type: SUKHIG84UE and click Apply Step 6: Set pickup location and once the ride is completed your $20 off will automatically be applied towards your ride. NYC Best Lyft Promo Code 2018 Here is the current nyc best lyft promo code 2018: SUKHPREET856510 This code…

Free Lyft Ride Code Nyc

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Free Lyft Ride Code Nyc Looking to get a free lyft ride code nyc? First, download the Lyft app. Then on the left section where it says Promos, enter the code: SUKHPREET856510 after you enter this code you will have a free $20 ride to anywhere you want to go! This is great for a new rider to try out their service. After you complete your first ride, it will become addicting to take rides for Lyft. Instead of drinking and driving, you can take affordable rides with Lyft. Lyft has a thing called Line which means you can share your ride with other riders to get a cheaper ride. Another great time to use Lyft is when you need a quick ride to the airport or if you are in a foreign…

Uber Driver Sign On Bonus NYC

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Uber Driver Sign On Bonus NYC Wondering how to get an Uber driver sign on bonus Nyc? Uber is currently offering a $1,000 sign on bonus for new uber drivers in Nyc. There are two different ways to apply to become an Uber driver. You can go to their website or you can download the Uber app and on the left side click on Drive for Uber. Now, in order to get this $1,000 sign on bonus you need to enter SUKHIG84UE where it says Invite Code (Optional). It is very simple to become an Uber driver and it doesn’t take longer then a week. If you are wondering what the steps are to becoming an Uber Driver please go to my link titled: how to earn a $500 new driver bonus with uber….

GoDaddy Discounted Hosting Code

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GoDaddy Discounted Hosting Code To get the GoDaddy Discounted Hosting Code you need to click on this link to lock in the optimized WordPress hosting account for $12 total for the entire year and a free domain name (if you want it): Right now this is the cheapest price for hosting and a domain name through Godaddy. Follow these directions: Click on the link above and then purchase the “BASIC” plan — go through all the steps. You do not need to purchase any of the other prompts that they offer. Then it will ask what you want your free domain name to be (if you want it) or skip this step. Once you go all the way to the end of the process and click on the option for “12 months”…

DSW $10 off Coupon

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DSW $10 off Coupon What to do with your DSW $10 off coupon? DSW always sends $10 off coupon’s in the mail every few months and you probably just let them sit there because you know that when you go to the store you will spend between $30-$200 and you rather just not spend anything. Well, in this blog article I am going to tell you how you can use your $10 off coupon at DSW and not spend anything except for maybe a penny! How to Shop for Free at DSW Want to know how to shop for free at DSW? Keep Reading… When you get a $10 off coupon in the mail look for small items such as socks, or clearance items like wallets, purses, jewelry, stockings, or headbands. You…

How to Get Free Drinks in Hoboken NJ

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How to get free drinks in Hoboken NJ Wondering how to get free drinks in Hoboken NJ? What if I told you that there was an app where you can get 1 free drink every single day of the month?! The reason why these bars are offering 1 free drink per day to each Frink user is to get more people into their bar everyday! Every Frink User which refers another user to Frink, gets one FREE MONTH OF FRINK! With this promo code you can get one free month of Frink: 4a5ae2643f without this promo code they only give you 14 days of Frink for free. After the first month is up, you can get additional months for free by referring friends to Frink, the referrals are endless! Who would say no to…

How to Earn a New Driver Bonus with Uber in Boston

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Uber Driver Sign On Bonus NYC

How to Earn a New New Driver Bonus with Uber in Boston In this blog post I am going to tell you how to earn a new driver bonus with Uber in boston. I am a fellowblogger who is helping people learn how to get sign on bonuses and how to make some quick easy money between driving in their free time and referring other friends to drive. I believe in passing along the word of Uber. Once you signup with Uber and complete your 50 rides, every single person that you meet in your entire everyday life you need to tell them about Uber and how they have this great sign on bonus, including all of the riders that come into your car. Uber driver bonus in Boston In this article…

Modern Marilyn Monroe

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fashionable idea to dress like marilyn monroe

As soon as I saw this dress I immediately thought Marilyn Monroe. This dress is shorter than her infamous white dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch that she wears over the floor heater but still has that classic feel. I tried to give this dress a Modern Marilyn Monroe spin. I paired this dress with strappy black high heels (4 inches!), a black Givenchy Antigona handbag and a silver necklace and bracelet. I also decided to curl my hair and keep my makeup very simple (obviously!) and natural. I think this dress is best worn to a special event: bridal shower, engagement party, guest at a wedding or you could even pair it with flats and wear it as a daytime dress. I love wearing this dress to events because you…